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December 2018

Hemsby Rock 'N' Roll Weekender
story continues...

We are please to announce that Hemsby will be continuing under new management

With support from my weekenders team, I aim to carry on bringing some of the
best acts and DJs the scene has to offer to Hemsby.
Three days and nights of tip-top Rock 'N' Roll music with a great party atmosphere.

On my first time at the helm I bring you one of today's biggest stars from the U.S.A.,
supported by a host of British and European rockin' bands.

Not forgetting some of your favourite DJs keeping the music going till the early hours.
There's a DJ only room for those who want to dance plus late-night bars including a real ale bar.

PRICE FREEZE (same prices as 2018)
The great value-for-money prices make this a 'must go to' event.



October 2016

Your Hemsby Rock 'N' Roll Weekender
experience is about to get bigger and better...

...with more choice, more intimate surroundings, and new sound systems.
At Seacroft, out goes the vast Starlight Ballroom.
In comes the otherwise little used but totally refurbished Harlequin Ballroom.
And, as a bonus, we will be extending our entertainment offering to
include the Copacabana Ballroom at the neighbouring Hemsby Beach Holiday
Village on Fridays and Saturdays to give gig-goers a choice of bands.
The Harlequin becomes the main stage and daytime music venue
while the Blue Lagoon Bar with top DJs and a new dance floor will become a
magnet for those who come mainly to jive, bop and stroll.
This is all part of a multi-million pound improvement scheme to take Hemsby
into the future, where we plan to continue for many years to come.
Hemsby is the longest-running rock'n'roll weekender in Britain,
and these improvements will ensure that we remain number one.
Hemsby Press Officer
John Howard

September 2016

DVD Review from UK Rock Magazine