Koolsville ABCreative




There could be 3 or 4 us, we're not sure yet. OK, we'll do the booking for the people you’re sure about and add your friend on later. If you book them in now and they don’t come you'll be charged a cancellation fee, but we don’t charge to add people on we just reduce the price person.
Can we bring our dog? (2 max). No charge for the dog.
Can our children come, and do they have to leave the hall at a certain time? Of course they're welcome and no we don’t exclude them, but we do ask that when busy you keep them off the dance floor (unless they are dancing).
Can we add our mate on later? Yes of course as long as there are enough beds in your chalet or we can move you to a bigger one.
Not sure if we can make Thursday yet, can we add that on later? Yes of course but we do need at least 2 weeks notice to get the chalet on the cleaning list.
Do we have to bring own bedlinen? No, provide bed linen. is provided in all accommodation (no Towels)
My mates have booked so can I buy just a wristband? We do not sell wristbands only, but ifyou have your friend's booking reference number, we will then check there is room for you and alter the price for all of you.
Can we bring our camper van / caravan etc? Sorry there is no camping or caravans allowed.